Our British friends on the French tour 2007

....I would like to say a big big thank you to all the French Quo fans and I am sure I am speaking for all the Brits who have turned up at the various gigs. You have all been marvellous, so helpful, friendly and going out of your way to help us. There wasn't even a bad word said when we won the rugby on Saturday evening, in fact it was congratulations all round. Thank you so much, you are very special people!!

Pepsi (forum anglais)

la gentille Pepsi

Pepsi et Rhino à la Fnac de Lyon

The whole french tour seems to have been great - much more personal and fun. They should tour there again so soon we can all go over and enjoy it all again !

GM12 (forum anglais)

Fred and I would like to thank all the French Quo fans that made us so welcome at the Lille gig and at the after show drinks too!! Also, great to see Mr & Mrs Puppy again - I hope you got home OK.

Quogerbill (forum anglais)

Cracking gig. Great French crowd as always and the band were in good spirits ! Fantastic gig. I do love the French gigs.

Mortified (forum anglais)

I have never taken part in the message board before but had to register just to say---------What a gig the best Quo gig for many years I have attended. Why was that same songs (couple new ones). Loud, Hot, Headbanging in a smallish venue like an old Quo gig.
Not looking forward to Glasgow quite as much now with the bad sound and the silly bouncers who sit in the walkways and invite you to stand in at your seats. Bring back the Apollo.

Big Jake (forum anglais)

The crowd we met last night were great also. They were so pleased that we had made the effort to come over. We were quite overwhelmed.

Puppy 57198 (forum anglais)

retour haut